The REAL-Teaming Experience

The foundation for continuous, sustainable improvement and increased productivity


Training programs around the world provide a vital service for people and organizations to improve themselves. However, since the vast majority of them have short-lived results, truly sustainable improvements are extremely rare. Why? What is missing in all these costly, yet valuable programs? 

After 10 years of practical experience in applied research and development with 7000 people from 118 countries, we discovered this once "invisible DNA" - the basis for improving collaboration and team performance.


  • Presence and/or online

Benefits and Goals

  • Get to know yourself at a whole new level and can understand others much better by putting yourself in their place

  • Live a prejudice-free life at last and let many of your bad social habits go

  • Live a life free of racism, prejudice, discrimination, sexism

  • Improve your interpersonal communication to an unprecedented level 

  • Achieve new levels of performance and achievement, both professionally and socially

  • Gain better, highly productive collaboration skills through objective recommendations for action based on models and methods


After having successfully qualified for the program and truly demonstrated the will to improve your current situation for the better, you will gradually acquire important skills and knowledge necessary to ensure and constantly maintain highly productive interpersonal cooperation, regardless of profession, ethnicity, education, gender, age or religion.

  • Practical examples of racism, sexism and age discrimination 

  • How can absenteeism be positively influenced

  • How interpersonal conflicts arise and productively solved

  • Reflection of your behavior on the basis of models and conscious improvement


Main Topics

  • Reduce difficult and complex issues to the essentials

  • Influences of prejudices and stereotypes: e.g. gender, origin, profession

  • Use a world renowned behavioral model and management methods

  • Transform fear into freedom from biases such as bullying, group think, and the many kinds of human discrimination

  • Development of an individually-designed negotiation strategy and confirmed communication approach



  • Interactive learning process in a protected, closed environment

  • Current impulses for healthy leadership and their influence on team success

  • Case studies from the professional context of the participants

  • E-Learning Platform: "Beyond Stereotypes"


Target Groups

All those who want to change their lives for the better and are ready to take the necessary steps to improve.

  • Leaders

  • Employees

  • HR Team

  • Organizational Development Team


Dates and Locations

In response to the spread of the corona virus, ACS-Research offers both face-to-face and online events. Affected participants will be informed in time about new dates.