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What makes young people tick?

Topics such as Beyond National Stereotypes: Discovering Your Cultural Profile in International Business Environments or Breaking Barriers: Exploring the Societal Constructs That Limit Our Freedom

These courses delve into the various societal constructs that have been put in place to control and limit our freedom. From education to politics, from corporations to media, we will examine the systems that are designed to keep us in line and prevent us from realizing our full potential as human beings. Through a combination of lectures, group discussions, and individual assignments, students will learn to identify and challenge the barriers that prevent us from living fulfilling and authentic lives.

We will explore how the education system reinforces social norms and expectations, and how it can be reimagined to foster creativity and critical thinking.

We will examine the ways in which the media manipulates our thoughts and emotions, and how we can become more discerning consumers of information. We will discuss the impact of big corporations on our daily lives, and how we can support small businesses and local communities to promote economic democracy.

Additionally, we will explore the intersection of politics and power. We will also examine how social and cultural norms can be oppressive, and how we can work to create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Through a series of case studies, guest lectures, and in-class exercises, students will develop critical thinking skills and learn to challenge the assumptions and beliefs that hold us back as a society. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the tools and knowledge to break free from societal constraints and pursue their passions and dreams with confidence and conviction.

Unique and new way of learning

A transformative experience

Engaging and enjoyable

Provided a safe space for open dialogue

Enriching and empowering

Eye-opening journey

What Students are saying...


A very unique and new way of learning and lecturing about a topic that we can all relate to. I enjoyed the interactive games and challenges.


An eye-opener. First of all, you get to know new people in every lecture (usually from different countries) and by that, it's easy to break stereotypes, which I think this course is basically about. As an economic student, it's necessary for me to learn more about different cultures and their habits (for example in negotiation situations), since it's very likely for me to work in an international environment in the future. And since I was having my ERASMUS here, it was interesting and important to know more things about Germans.


Even though we are from different countries, different cultures, differ in language but when we live in the same course we are one because we communicate in English and share knowledge and the interest things together between each other. I personally think CCM gave me the chance to meet many people from many countries. There was such a great experience and new opportunity that I never found before.


First of all, I thought this course was very weird because it is so different from my other courses. But after the beginning, my view completely changed, maybe because of the Know Thyself exercise. I really like the discussions in class about topics that I am not thinking about in my everyday student life. It was really completely different from what I am studying (I am studying economics). I also liked it that the groups were divided the way they were. This was very important to get an insight from all the countries and both genders. I think the course is great the way it is and should not be changed too drastically.


Great and diversified. You can get to know different people during the class which is a wonderful experience.


The course was a transformative experience that challenged my preconceived notions and expanded my understanding of cultural diversity. Through engaging discussions and interactive exercises, I gained valuable insights into the complexities of human behavior and the impact of culture on our interactions. It was fascinating to explore different perspectives and learn about the historical and social factors that shape our beliefs and attitudes. This course provided me with practical tools to navigate intercultural communication and foster meaningful connections with people from diverse backgrounds. I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course and would highly recommend it to others seeking personal and professional growth.


CCM was an exceptional course that surpassed my expectations. It offered a unique blend of theory and real-life applications, allowing me to develop a deeper understanding of cultural differences and their influence on communication. The interactive nature of the classes, including group activities and case studies, encouraged active participation and facilitated the exchange of ideas among students from different countries. I appreciated the emphasis on self-reflection and self-awareness, as it enabled me to recognize and challenge my own biases and stereotypes. Overall, this course was a valuable learning experience that has broadened my horizons and equipped me with essential skills for global collaboration.

CCM was a refreshing departure from traditional academic courses. It provided a unique learning experience where interactive games and challenges were used to explore topics related to culture and communication. This approach not only made the course engaging and enjoyable but also facilitated a deeper understanding of the subject matter. By interacting with students from different countries and cultures, I was able to break stereotypes and gain insights into different perspectives. As an economics student, this course was instrumental in preparing me for an international work environment. I appreciate the effort put into designing this course and would highly recommend it to others.


The CCM course brought together students from various countries and cultures, creating an environment of unity and knowledge sharing. Despite our differences, we communicated in English and shared our interests and knowledge, forming lasting connections. Personally, I believe that CCM provided a unique opportunity to meet people from around the world, which was an enriching and eye-opening experience. I am grateful for the chance to participate in this course, as it opened doors to new perspectives and opportunities that I had never encountered before.


Initially, I was skeptical about the course, finding it strange and unlike my other academic courses. However, my perception changed rapidly, especially after engaging in the "Know Thyself" exercise. The class discussions on topics beyond my everyday student life, such as sociology, offered a refreshing and thought-provoking experience. 


The course provided a safe space for open dialogue and encouraged us to challenge our own assumptions and biases. Through the various activities and case studies, I gained a deeper appreciation for the complexities of intercultural communication and the importance of cultural competence in today's globalized world. The practical skills and strategies I learned in this course have proven invaluable in my personal and professional relationships. I highly recommend CCM to anyone seeking to develop a deeper understanding of cultural diversity and enhance their communication skills.


As a language teacher, I have always been interested in exploring different teaching methodologies and approaches. The CCM course provided a fresh perspective on intercultural communication, offering practical strategies for promoting cultural understanding in the classroom. The discussions and activities helped me reflect on my own teaching practices and encouraged me to create a more inclusive and culturally sensitive learning environment. The course materials and resources provided have been a valuable asset in my lesson planning and have helped me foster a more engaging and culturally diverse classroom experience for my students. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to educators seeking to enhance their intercultural competencies.

CCM was an enriching and empowering course that broadened my understanding of cultural diversity and its impact on communication. The interactive nature of the course, including group discussions and case studies, fostered a dynamic learning environment where we could share our experiences and learn from one another. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on self-reflection and the opportunity to challenge my own cultural biases. The course has transformed the way I approach interpersonal interactions, both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained through this course and would highly recommend it to individuals seeking to develop their intercultural communication competence.


CCM was an eye-opening journey that deepened my understanding of cultural differences and their impact on communication. The course provided a comprehensive framework for navigating cross-cultural interactions and fostering inclusivity. The modules on cultural values, nonverbal communication, and cultural adaptation strategies were particularly enlightening. Through engaging discussions and real-life examples, I gained practical knowledge that I can apply in various contexts, whether it's in my personal relationships or professional endeavors. This course is a must for anyone looking to enhance their cultural competence and build stronger connections in our diverse world.


CCM was a transformative experience that broadened my cultural understanding and enhanced my communication skills. The course offered a comprehensive exploration of intercultural communication theories and practical strategies for bridging cultural gaps. The module on intercultural conflict resolution was particularly enlightening, providing me with valuable techniques for resolving misunderstandings and building stronger relationships across cultures. The course materials, readings, and interactive exercises were thoughtfully designed and provided a wealth of knowledge that I continue to apply in both my personal and professional life. I highly recommend CCM to anyone seeking to improve their intercultural communication competence and create meaningful connections across cultures.

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