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Each piece in place, a work of art,

A mosaic made with love and heart,

No piece too small, no color too bright,

Each one important, a vital part of sight.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,

A masterpiece created by many hearts,

In unity and harmony, we stand,

Each piece unique, yet part of a grand plan.

So be proud of your place in the mosaic of life,

Embrace your role, your part in the strife,

For without you, the picture is not complete,

So shine your light, and let your colors meet.

The Moh-zey-ik Project

Acceptance. That feelings of being one's self without the fear of being discriminated by others.


Actually, this should be a natural part of our modern and civilized society.

Global Village 9 - Answering Behavioral Mystery Questions

ACS is working on this issue with the Moh-zey-ik project. ACS stands for "Authentic Collaboration Space". Space here means as much as a place or a space where people can practice collaboration, have fun making mistakes learning, and in which each individual is invited to be completely authentic. One wonders if such a thing is even possible to create?

Moh-zey-ik Project Team

But when it comes to accepting something outside of our own self-created norm, we return to a state that resembles the behavior of a Neanderthal.


For some reason, our societal conditioning makes it almost impossible to deal with new situations without prejudice, or to not immediately stereotype the new colleague.

Global Village 9: After the mystery interview
Global Village 9: The Mystery Insterview

ACS says yes! And the good thing is, everyone can learn it, as long as you're ready for something new.


As long as you are not afraid to appreciate yourself and your fellow human beings and get to know in a completely new way.


If you have the courage to be a unique tile of the Moh-zey-ik, you are cordially invited to the "Authentic Collaboration Space".

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