For Universities

Bachelor Courses

Cross-Cultural Management 1 & 2

The course will look at the link between values and communication and at how cultural messages unconsciously filter through into the language we use to influence others and how our words may have a different impact than intended which often times can lead to misunderstanding and a loss of trust and business.

MBA Courses

Beyond Leadership

The course challenges students to think more deeply about what they have learned in international business situations and to further develop a better understanding of some central organizational aspects such as how corporate communications, brand management, corporate diversity and post-merger collaboration projects in multi-national organizations work.

Student Projects

Global Villages

Each semester, a group of bachelor students from over 20 countries and diverse academic fields form a project team to create the opportunity of experiencing the realities of working together while practicing newly learned skills and wisdom combating against misinterpretation, inaccurate assumptions and unnecessary premature judgments.

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