Global Village 20



Step-by-Step Guide for Registration and Preparation

Creating a successful Global Village Event during these difficult times have posed great challenges for the CCM2 Project Team. And against many hurdles, the team did it! 


Now it's your turn. Follow this step-by-step guide to register and prepare yourself for this once-in-a-lifetime event. All steps must be completed in order for you to be added to the Reservation List. The first 110 completed registrations will be eligible to attend the LIVE EVENT.

Step 1 - Donate 6,00€ or 7,50€. 

Go to GV20 PayPal  and donate at least 6 Euros to cover the costs of materials, supplies and equipment. We are asking everyone to bring Battery-Powered LED lights with them. For an extra 1,50€, the team will buy them for you all ready to go when you check-in. So if you need them, donate 7,50€. The project team is grateful for all donations. GV projects are 100% non-profit, student funded events so donations of any size are very welcome.

Step 2 - Registration

1. Go to the GV20 Registration pageAll data will be deleted after 30 days. 

2. Once you have completed both steps, your name will be put on the invitation list.

3. If you did make a donation via PayPal, your ticket will say "unpaid".  Don't worry about this (PayPal and this website are two separate systems).

4. You will receive a final confirmation email stating that your registration ticket is valid along with the location of the event.