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Smiling Coworker


The Science of Collaboration Performance

REAL-Teaming is a service that enables people to double their productivity without adding new processes so people can stay more focused and make better decisions.

You give us a group of individuals, project teams, or departments that you want to improve, and we will transform them into high-performance team players. How? By eliminating the top 20 social distractions, people quickly realize how easy it is to stay on track.

Determine which tactics work best.

Collaboration Audits discover your group's situation and uncover a top-performing success formula. Kickoff your next project with a strong foundation of trust and confidence.

Measure how your strategy is performing.

Once you've started down the path of transformation, it's critical that you monitor your progress. Tracked Audits let you easily measure the group's progress.

Uncover and implement winning strategies.

Use the REAL-Teaming efficiency factors to improve teamwork, communications, integrity and customer satisfaction.

During the entire program, I discovered many aspects of communication which were the opposite of my beliefs. This program helped to open my mind to others and to thyself. Involved in an international business, I could see very quickly the relevance of many topics. It helped me and continues to help me reduce the number of miscommunications. Thank you for bringing this part of sociology which facilitates an activity dominated by the power of business. Sincères salutations

International Project Manager
Factory Automation to Industrial Hydraulics

I accepted a new project opportunity for a multi-national organization (Industrial Minerals) to identify M&A and Joint Venture opportunities with top management. Due to extreme time constraints of the project, I enrolled in the Real-Teaming Executive Program. With a strong amount of self-motivation and in a short period of time, I was able to internalize Key Behavioral Elements taught in the program. This was a tremendous help during my assignments in India, Brazil, North Korea, the Netherlands and in Finland. It was possible to reduce and many times, completely avoid misunderstandings causing unsuccessful negotiations. I believe the big advantage of Real-Teaming is its global reach and not limited to bi-national situations.

Senior Mergers & Acquisitions Manager

Mineral Industry


The preparatory work was an inspiring experience that triggered even more interest. What I received over the course of the program was a "toolkit" which I think is very useful when meeting new people. The main "tool" is the awareness of the fact that people's behavior and thinking is deeply rooted in their background and that they therefore act, speak and think in a way that is determined by that background. Once you are aware of that, it's much easier to understand stereotypes, prejudices, and antipathies you are carrying around, and to step back and see your own behavior and think more objectively. 

Procurement Manager

Electronics Industry


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