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The Science of Collaboration Performance

REAL-Teaming enables people to elevate their productivity without adding new processes. People stay focused longer and make more accurate decisions.

Give us a group of individuals, project teams, or departments that want to improve, and we will transform them into high-performance teams. How? By replacing the top 20 social distractions, people quickly realize how easy it is to stay on track.

Determine which tactics work best.

Collaboration Audits discover your group's situation and uncover a top-performing success formula. Kickoff your next project with a strong foundation of trust and confidence.

Measure how your strategy is performing.

Once you've started down the path of transformation, it's critical that you monitor your progress. Tracked Audits let you easily measure the group's progress.

Uncover and implement winning strategies.

Use the REAL-Teaming efficiency factors to improve teamwork, communications, integrity and customer satisfaction.

A first-principles-based, interdisciplinary, gender-inclusive, cross-cultural Transformational Experience

In today’s complex world, organizations face major challenges to become even more performant and attractive. Besides the right mix of strategy and finance, the people aspects are of equal importance to drive performance. We collaborate with you to establish and organizational foundation free of prejudice and discrimination which in turn enables your organizational capabilities to blossom. Together with you we addressing the following levers:

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#understanding and embracing diversity  #safety and security

The REAL-Teaming Experience is an innovative training program designed to help individuals and organizations achieve continuous, sustainable improvement and increased productivity. As a highly professional and reputable human resources and leadership program, we have identified the missing link in most training programs, leading to short-lived results.


Invisible DNA

The program is built on a decade of applied research and development, working with over 7500 people from 122 countries, and we have discovered the "invisible DNA" of successful collaboration and team performance. By participating in this program, individuals can gain a whole new level of self-awareness and understand others better, resulting in highly productive interpersonal cooperation.

Replace Distractions

The program helps individuals to eliminate prejudices, discriminatory behaviors and social habits that limit productivity and personal growth. It offers objective recommendations for action based on world-renowned behavioral models and management methods. The REAL-Teaming Experience also provides practical examples of racism, sexism, and age discrimination, and helps participants learn how to positively influence absenteeism and solve interpersonal conflicts productively.

Beyond Stereotypes

The program utilizes an interactive learning process in a protected, closed environment, with case studies from the professional context of the participants, and an e-learning platform called "Beyond Stereotypes". Participants will learn how to reduce complex issues to essentials, overcome prejudices and stereotypes, and develop individually-designed negotiation strategies and confirmed communication approaches.

Designed for Everyone

This program is designed for all individuals who want to change their lives for the better and are committed to taking necessary steps for improvement. The program is beneficial to leaders, employees, HR teams, and organizational development teams.

The REAL-Teaming Experience is available in both face-to-face and online formats, and we have implemented necessary measures in response to the spread of the corona virus to ensure the safety of our participants. Join us today to achieve new levels of performance, achievement, and collaboration skills in your personal and professional life.

High Performance

The REAL-Teaming Experience offers a range of benefits and goals for sustainable personal and professional growth. Participants can replace their limiting beliefs and biases with a deeper understanding of themselves and others, resulting in improved interpersonal communication and collaboration skills.

The program replaces prejudices, discriminatory behaviors, and social habits that limit growth with practical examples of inclusive and unbiased behavior, promoting a sustainable prejudice-free life. This leads to unprecedented levels of performance and achievement both personally and professionally, ensuring clients' investments in the program.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The REAL-Teaming Experience offers a comprehensive content curriculum designed to equip participants with important skills and knowledge necessary to ensure highly productive interpersonal cooperation, regardless of profession, ethnicity, education, gender, age, or religion.

The program features practical examples of unbiased behavior and communication, replacing harmful practices of racism, sexism, and age discrimination. It also explores methods for positively influencing absenteeism and solving interpersonal conflicts productively.

Main Topics

The main topics covered in The REAL-Teaming Experience include:

  • Reducing difficult and complex issues to their essential components to facilitate more effective problem-solving and decision-making

  • Examining the influence of prejudices and stereotypes on communication and behavior, including those based on gender, origin, and profession

  • Using a world-renowned behavioral model and management methods to develop better collaboration skills and enhance productivity

  • Transforming fear and biases such as bullying, groupthink, and various forms of discrimination into greater freedom and inclusion

  • Developing an individually-designed negotiation strategy and confirmed communication approach to promote more positive and effective interactions.

Cutting-edge Methods

The REAL-Teaming Experience utilizes the following methods:

  • Interactive and engaging learning process within a secure and private environment

  • Incorporation of current, cutting-edge leadership techniques and their impact on team success

  • Analysis of relevant case studies drawn from the professional contexts of program participants

  • Access to an innovative e-learning platform called "Beyond Stereotypes" to further enhance learning outcomes.

Primary Target Groups

The REAL-Teaming Experience is designed for individuals and teams who are committed to advancing their personal and professional growth. Our target groups include:

  • Emerging leaders looking to enhance their leadership and collaboration skills

  • Seasoned executives seeking to maintain their competitive edge and optimize their team's productivity

  • Employees at all levels who want to develop more effective communication and conflict resolution strategies

  • HR teams seeking to improve their organization's diversity and inclusion initiatives

  • Organizational development teams seeking to foster a more positive and productive workplace culture.