For Organizations

Keynotes and Presentations

Tailored for Customer Events, Corporate Academies, and Associations

Philo Holland has an entertaining and insightful way of connecting many kinds of working situations with pragmatic intercultural teamwork, international communications, and leadership by diversity solutions. A great way to find out how a workshop, seminar or pilot project could improve the organization.

Workshops and Seminars

An ACS workshop or seminar is a good way for leadership and HR to find out exactly how valuable ACS can be for optimizing the organization's culture. Even after a half-day program, we are able to see clear signs important for determining next steps. Programs are available from half-day workshops to 50-hour seminars.

Company Consulting

Before starting a complex project, we quantify and define key risks and success factors based on behavioral and company culture factors first

This project approach is designed to give leadership and human resources (organizational development) an inside look into their own organizational culture without jeopardizing employee privacy. This way, decision-makers are accurately and realistically prepared for large, enterprise-wide transformation projects guaranteeing a sustainable optimization culture.

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