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IMAGINE a world where it's ok to be ourselves. Where people around us expect us to be ourselves. IMAGINE a world where racism, discrimination and prejudice is simply boring. A place where being kind and curious is normal.  WE BELIEVE mis-understandings are actually opportunities for building trust. By reactivating peoples' innate qualities as social, supportive and caring creatures; our fears, pains and frustrations are replaced with openness, kindness and friendship.

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About ACS

Applied R&D on human productivity and diversity.


The Authentic Collaboration Space project applies scientific research methodologies within a global crowd development framework creating greater efficiencies by doubling collaboration and communication productivity.

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ACS Learning Matrix

Project-Based Active Learning System

9 Levels - 6 Layers

53 hours to learn

60% Individual / 40% Group

ACS Learning Matrix created by face-to-face, interactive events from (2009 - 2021):

6531 people from 118 countries, 65 Academic fields, and 123 professions

About ACS

 Student Research Project: Global Village 9 

 Is Life only a Masquerade? 

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Hubertusschlucht 5

97082 Würzburg, Germany

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Tel: +49 170 784 8494

Founding Director

About Philo Holland

Interpersonal Collaboration Architect

Philo Holland, born in San Francisco, studied International Economics and Computer Science at the University of Utah and completed an MBA at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Germany.


His career began at Apple Corporation Korea as export manager and multimedia developer. He spun-off an IT-Consulting company, which he sold. Philo spent 8 years at T-Systems International managing projects in 33 countries.


In 2009, Philo founded ACS-Research and has been co-developing the ACS-algorithm ever since. He is also Vice President of the University's Sports Association.

About Philo
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