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Bachelor Courses Cross-Cultural Mngmt 1 & 2

Communication appears on the surface to be a relatively simple operation requiring two basic components – a speaker and a listener. This module focuses principally on the world of business and tackles head-on the issues and problems of international exchanges. The series is taught based on the context of daily international business and is filled with many international business scenarios, simulations and case studies.

The course will look at the link between values and communication and at how cultural messages unconsciously filter through into the language we use to influence others and how our words may have a different impact than intended which often times can lead to misunderstanding and a loss of trust and business.

What’s your Cultural Profile? Wie sieht Ihr kulturelles Profil aus?

Entdecken Sie Ihre Gemeinsamkeiten mit über 80 Kulturen.

Find out what you have in common with 80+ cultures.

Prepare yourself for the International Relations front.

Seien Sie vorbereitet auf die internationalen Beziehungen.

Wie typisch “deutsch” sind sie? How “typically” German are you?

International Students Welcome: Make your stay in Würzburg a cultural success!

Students will gain a deeper understanding and background of what culture is and where culture comes from. Students will have the opportunity to learn about their culture in order to gain insight into their own individual cultural make-up.

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